Mighty Magiswords (2016) Review

Can you slow down please?

I’m a 31 year old man.  My decision making skills have, up to this point, landed me a full time job I enjoy, money to pay my bills and the willpower to not experiment with any psychotropic substances that are currently plaguing society.  However, for the life of me, I don’t remember how I stumbled across this machination of a hyperactive 5 year old on a Pixie Stix bender or why I can’t stop watching it.

Prohyas and Vambre (Kyle A. Carrozza and Grey Griffin) are Warriors for Hire who accomplish a lot of their tasks with Magiswords, one-note weapons of varying degree of usefulness.  The episodes normally start with them accepting work, they go off to perform the task, shenanigans ensue, and they emerge victorious.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

On the surface, “Mighty Magiswords” is what’s wrong with children’s programming today.  It’s dialogue is so rapid fire Dane Cook is telling the actors to pump the brakes.  The writing consists of a constant string of jokes that revolve around warrior slapstick, self aware bad puns, pop culture references or varying degrees of psychosis.  Action scenes are aplenty with the only reasoning being that the characters are warriors for hire and we don’t want to lose the audience.  There’s no sense of the characters having learned anything, and any arc or development they may have had is almost completely forgotten until it serves as fodder for a joke in a following episode.

Which brings me to my biggest problem.  I can’t stop watching it.  Before I knew it, I was 12 episodes in with a doofy grin on my face but with no real recollection why.  As trigger happy as the joke making can be, it had me at least chuckle.  A few even made me laugh out loud.  Just don’t ask me what specific ones, because I can’t remember.

Perhaps one reason the show is ridiculously enjoyable is the series’ Macguffin, the Magiswords.  They literally take the shapes of their namesakes, such as radiator, exploding bubbles, “wicker snapper,” and personal favorite, Zombie Pumpkin.  As ridiculous looking as they are with dubious use, it’s entertaining to see how Prohyas and Vambre utilize them in not just combat, but everyday life.  Also have to give credit to what could be my favorite food pun, the Excaliburger Magisword.

The characters, while not endearing, are at least enjoyable and boast discernible personalities with quirks.  It helps that the entire voice cast seem to be having a blast while recording, as their performances are so over the top and high energy that in any other show, it would come off as out of place.  Here, it works wonderfully.  It also helps that veterans and personal favorites Jim Cummings and Phil LaMarr pop in every now and again to lend their talents.  Side note: Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson voices Gateaux, so if anything, the show is giving a great internet talent some work.

It’s obviously a kid’s show, and it does its job well.  Its pace and flashy colors will keep kids distracted for hours, while adults might either chuckle or shrug as to why they’re watching.  Where most Disney movies succeed in giving its entire audience something to enjoy in their animated endeavors, “Mighty Magiswords” knows what it is and rolls with it.  Hey, in show business you can’t keep everyone happy, so work to your strengths.

If I’m ever stuck babysitting, I’m not afraid to say I’ll put this show on and enjoy it with the kiddos.  I just won’t publicly announce it…except in blog form on the internet where complete strangers can see.

I never said I was a smart 31 year old man.


PROS:  Some funny puns, good characters.

CONS:  Too fast paced, no true overarching sense of continuity.



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